Understanding Childhood Trauma

When You Attend, You Will Learn...

Trauma has many faces: abuse, neglect, high conflict divorce, parental substance abuse, accidents, natural disasters, illness, death of a loved one . . . 

If you or a child you know is struggling because of a traumatic experience, join us for this free 60 minute webinar!!! Tammy Schamuhn, ICP Co-Founder and Registered Child Psychologist, will help you understand how trauma impacts children, and walk you through some key strategies to help a child or teen cope with trauma.

  • Understand and make sense of neurobiological mechanisms that underlie trauma in children & youth

  • How to work with the brain and body to ease trauma symptoms

  • Explore how ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) impacts the health* of traumatized people across the lifespan

  • How to Implement  key emotion regulation strategies to calm a child or teen who is struggling.

  • Recognize how attachment is a key aspect of treatment, and how attachment impacts the neurology of the traumatized child

    Note: We only offer certificates for our paid courses and webinars; this webinar does not offer a certificate of completion at this time